Solar Water Heating System

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Solar Water Heating System

The Solar Water Heating Systems are capable of Heating upto 85 C. Aryav Green Energy deals in Solar Water Heating Systems. The systems designed by us are capable of causing the heating of water upto 85 C. The system include:

  • Thermosyphon Type SWHS
  • Forced Flow Type SWHS

The products are of optimum quality and are unmatchable in reliability and durability.
There is no pump required in these type of systems. The Systems can be further classified as Direct Type and Indirect Type .

Thermosyphon Type SWHS

In Thermosyphon SWHS hot water in the collector being lighter rises to the hot water storage tank and an equal amount of cold water replaces this water.This makes up the Thermosyphon Principle This cycle keeps on repeating as long as the Sun is shining . Thus the hot water is collected in insulating storage Tank.

Forced Flow Type SWHS

In Forced Flow SWHS the cold water from the Cold Water Tank is transferred to the Collector by a pump. The water from the Solar Panels is transferred to the insulated storage tank by Hot Water outlet. The further distribution of Hot water is done.