Solar Water Heaters

The systems designed by us are capable of causing the heating of water upto 85 C... 
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Solar Power Plants

Aryav Green Energy aims to offer reliable power supply through photovoltaic systems everywhere.. 
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Solar Street Lights

Aryav Green Energy Solar Street Lighting systems withstand the harsh and extreme weather conditions... 
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Our Expertise

EPC Services for Solar Power Plant:

The world is facing a Global Challenge of an accelerated climate change. Businesses and institutions are faced with unreliable power supply and increased costs of energy.

The success of these Solar Power developers to set up highly efficient & cost competitive Solar Power Generating Stations, would be dependent largely on the quality and timely delivery of the various components of the Solar Supply Chain and effectively managing the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the Solar Power plant. The onus of the complete Project management along with the inflow of various components from different manufacturers / vendors, interconnections, validating generation capability and efficiency lies in the hands of the EPC Contractor. It is thus the capability, experience and reliability of the EPC contractor which would decide the effective realization of the investments to build an efficient Solar Power Generating Plant. An efficient generating power plant built on best practices, would ensure compliance to regular subsidy inflow under JNNSM, additional income from carbon credits and maintain “green” investment portfolio for the owner / power developer.

We, Aryav Green Energy, understand the nitty-gritty of a Solar Supply Chain and have the requisite experience, expertise and resourcing to fulfill the complex requirements of building a Solar Power Plant for you. We are leading vendors for Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Solar Power Projects of various capacities having installation base at various locations in India and Overseas. Our team comprises of technical & functional resources with rich experience in EPC activities in Solar PV, Thermal, Steam Generation etc. Through our International linkages, we have rich experience in EPC activities in India and overseas. We also have tie-ups with Major Panel manufacturers, BOS equipment manufacturers and helps in facilitating MW level Solar installations in a cost competitive and reliable manner

Engineering , Procurement & Construction

1. Project Design – Equipment, Codes & Standards and Interconnections

2. Permits

3. Engineering – Shading Studies, Geo-tech tests , Site Layout and design

4. Structural Engineering

5. Civil Engineering

6. Electrical Engineering

7. Procurement : Panels , Racking & Mounting , Power Stations, Inverters , Switch Gears, Metering & Communication, Control & Monitoring, Security System.

8. Construction

9. Quality Management

10. Installation

11. Performance Testing

12. Commissioning