Solar Water Heaters

The systems designed by us are capable of causing the heating of water upto 85 C... 
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Solar Power Plants

Aryav Green Energy aims to offer reliable power supply through photovoltaic systems everywhere.. 
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Solar Street Lights

Aryav Green Energy Solar Street Lighting systems withstand the harsh and extreme weather conditions... 
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Our Expertise


We assist our clients in understanding the market conditions and the governing regulations. We do this by preparing reports concerning the legislative and regulatory frameworks applying to the development of solar power plants, providing assistance in the implementation of policies and tariff systems that favour renewable energy production and conducting evaluation of the technical, regulatory and financial feasibility our clien's solar energy project or portfolio.

We also help our clients to estimate their production forecast & feed-in tariffs. This is done by assessing gross and net annual electricity outputs, taking into account losses and giving an exceedance probability, modeling and forecasting future feed-in tariffs and market prices for the entire lifecycle of the project, evaluating future net revenues, including reduction for planned, preventive and predictive maintenance operations.

We conduct studies at every level of the project to ensure the quality in the execution. They are conducted in the following stages:

Pre-feasibility studies

  • Initial resource assessment.

  • Initial investigation of key technical, environmental, political and planning constraints.

  • Identification of possible technologies and layout design

  • Initial financial modeling

Detailed Feasibility studies

  • Site visit.

  • Detailed assessment of site energy resource

  • Detailed assessment of technical, environmental and planning constraints

  • Consultation with relevant environmental and planning stakeholders

  • Project design and layout optimization

  • Detailed financial modeling.

  • Technology assessment

Resource Assessment

  • Solar Energy Resource assessment

  • Energy yield analysis