about us

Aryav Green Energy introduces solar energy as a most feasible alternative. We aim to endow it more proficiently & in an organized way. Aryav Green Energy provides Solar System Integration Support with professional project management, from proposal to "turnkey" project in India.

Our Company History

Aryav Green Energy Private Limited was founded in 2010 by Mr. Sanjay Kumar Garg, BE , MBA from IIT delhi and have an experience of more than 20 years in various sectors. The company design and commission solar thermal and solar photovoltaic products.
Recognizing the need for the clean energy, we entered the field of renewable energy
in 2008 via a proprietorship firm M/S Aryav Enterprises and since then, relentlessly pursuing a mission for promoting solar energy for use in homes and institutions thus contributing to a Cleaner, Greener and Safer environment for generations to come.



Solar power is pollution free and causes no green houses gases to be emitted after installation. Solar is a clean power that is available every day of the year, even cloudy days produce some power.

Professional & expert

We have a team of professionals and experts who can provide the best and tailor made solution wthich is suitable for your requirement and rooftop


Solar energy has become cheaper much more quickly than most experts had predicited. hance this is affordable to every comman man to produce clean energy on their rooftop


Residential & Commercial


Solar Water Heating System

The Solar Water Heating Systems are capable of Heating upto 85 C. Aryav Green Energy deals in Solar Water Heating Systems.


Solar Power Plants

Aryav Green Energy intends to harness solar energy & provides energy security by Solar PV technology which converts sun's natural energy to useful electrical energy.


Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Aryav Solar’s SPI Sereies of Solar water pumping System provides solution to Agriculture, rural & urban water supply.


Solar Street Lights

Aryav Green Energy's Solar Street Lighting systems withstand the harsh and extreme weather conditions. They are rugged in construction with minimum maintenance at site.


Years of Experience

20+ MW

Solar Modules & Solutions Installed

1.5+ MW

Solar Pump Installed

20 Lakh+ LPD

Solar Water Heating System Installed


Solar Street Light Installed

4 Tons

Co2 Emissions Saved