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Solar Power Plants

Aryav Green Energy intends to harness solar energy & provides energy security by Solar PV technology which converts sun's natural energy to useful electrical energy. Aryav Green Energy aims to offer reliable power supply through photovoltaic systems everywhere while the access to a public grid is available or not available. Aryav Green Energy high-performance solar systems have up to 25-year performance warranty and can supply reliable, environment-friendly energy under the most diverse range of geographic & climatic conditions. These custom-made systems permit a completely self-sufficient power supply. Once installed, these systems will power all electrical consumers either directly with direct current from the solar modules or with alternating current by way of an inverter. High-performance batteries ensure a reliable supply even when the sun isn't shining. We offers different types of PV systems which can be designed and customized to serve a variety of purposes to diverse consumers. Our core focus is in the direction of providing economic power solutions to our customers. We offer reliable & customer specific energy solutions in different categories :

  • On Grid Systems
  • Off Grid System

Building Integrated Photovoltaic - BIPV
There is no pump required in these type of systems. The Systems can be further classified as Direct Type and Indirect Type .

On Grid System

These systems feed power directly to grid substations. In this system the PV modules are laid in series across vast open spaces generating the Direct Current which is converted into Alternating Current and carried across to the substation or the evacuation point by heavy cables to be metered and feed into the grid. The voltage and frequency of the feed in current is in phase with the grid to achieve a smooth discharge point.

Off Grid System

Off-grid systems completely relieve the user from dependency on electrical grids. With an off-grid system, the solar energy system would supply all of the power an Office, a cabin, home or business would need. This type of system refers to solar panels that work independent of a power grid and supply power directly to the house or office. An off-grid system is responsible for providing all power - appliances, lighting, and the electricity required for other utilities. The additional benefit of Off grid system is that being cost effective it provides reliable power even in the adverse weather conditions, seasonally low radiations or unpredictable increased demand of Power. The off grid system is essential energy source in rural & remote areas of reliable power with low maintenance for long time.